How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone: Today in the growing world Smartphone plays a great role in which Jio Phone is the King of all the Keypad smartphone. Just because of one main reason that is its Recharge Price is very much cheaper than other.

It provides a lot of features but the main problem that a lot of users face is that they wish to use their jio phone sim on any other Smartphone. I know the same problem is with you.

So If you are wishing to use your Jio Sim card on any other Smartphone instead of a Jio Phone then be Ready. Here I am going to show you How to use Jio Phone Sim on Smartphone.

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How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

So to use your jio sim card in your Smartphone we are having two ways one is by changing the Plan and another one is by porting your Jio Sim to another provider like Airtel, Vi, BSNL or any other.

You can use any way which you feel best based on your Condition.

But before we go here are those conditions that you need to meet: The Main Condition is that the Phone which you are going to use with your Jio Sim should have 4G Connectivity Access.

Remember that you Cant use the same recharge plan which you followed on your Jio Phone. Here you will be needed to change your Recharge plan to access the internet and outgoing call facility in Smartphone

So Do not trust any one who says that you can use your jio phone sim in
🙂 smartphone with the existing plan 🙂

How to use Jio Phone SIM on Smartphone

How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone
How to use Jio Phone SIM on Smartphone

To use this way you just need to follow the below easy steps:

  • Take out your Sim card from your Jio Phone
  • Now insert it to your any Smartphone which you wish to use
  • Step three, you need to go to My jio App.
  • Here you need to Recharge your Sim with a New plan in which you needs to pay 99 Rupees more.
  • Good News your SIM card will be activated for your Smartphone.

The 99 Rupees that we need to pay is the Sim activation charges for Smartphone. This Recharge will be only done through the My Jio App.

Check out the video documentation

Through Porting your Jio Phone sim to Other Provider

So Second way is to port your Jio number to another Service provider like Airtel, VI, BSNL or anyone else. After porting you will be able to use your Existing Phone number.

Can I use Jio phone SIM Card in Android phone?

Can I use Jio phone SIM in Android phone

Yes, Why As Nothing is Impossible to do. So yes, you can easily use your jio phone sim on any android phone instead of on Jio Phone.

FAQs based on Jio Phone

Jio phone SIm
Can Jio Phone Sim be used in other phones?

Yes, you can use the Jio sim card on other phones but the main demand is that the Phone should have LTE access.

Why Jio phone SIM is not working on another phone?

The main reason that found in a condition is that the Phone use is trying to use with the Jio sim is not 4G enabled. If this is enabled then make sure that you had followed the above steps under How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

Can Jio SIM work on the 3G phone for calling?

No, the Jio sim can not work on 3G phones for any purpose like Calling or Internet usage. As jio provides the Connectivity of 4G or above it.

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